William Parker「Luc's Lantern」の解説。







なお、CDの表のジャケットは、Luc's Lanternという曲に付けられた文章を読めば、その通りの絵になっていることが分かる。



William Parker「Luc's Lantern」というCDの解説文。



William Parker - Bass

Eri Yamamoto(山本恵理) - Piano

Michael Thompson - Drums



Mourning Sunset

Mourning was over.
The darkness of this world ends.
Unable to see the shape of hope as it fades down into the eastern sky.
I wish things were just things again like the old days when there were only flowers and memories.
Before progress was born.

Evening Star Song

Carry the lost pieces of yesterday.
In the promise of memoly and in the pastoral roots keep them close to your heart.

Charcoal Flower

A slow waltz appears in the corner of the moon out of my right ear I 
see charcoal flowers ashed mouthed asking for sips of water.


Long forgotten in the hands of Scotty Holt again popping up after all these years outside this Bronx apartment of the exiled cheerleader.
Who is hiding out from the cops.

Bud in Alphaville

First saw Lemmy Caution when I was 11 then bang gave me the book and I wrote the tune and now this one.
Where is buttercup?
Where is bud?
Where is Lemmy Caution? Where is Goddard?

Song for Tyler

The voice over the phone sounded like a true hero I wanted to cry, but the tears did not come or came to quikly.
The voice jumped over the fence from the present into the past.
Way to fast just when we have things figured out death shows up.

Luc's Lantern

A dream lifts my center eye
It is raining rose petals so the ground is soft and fragrant.
I see a forest where only black trees with yellow and purple teeth grow.
Trees that play violins and write poems.
This is a recurring dream but each night a small lantern is left on the porch so I can make my way back home.


How I wish for those days when nothing existed except booker Ervin and that happy fellow who played the big piano on the side of Manhattan.


Be still, But not a chance only time to sing like that great day stepping into the shoes of everything beautiful.

Candlesticks in the Lake

It was no joke.
The water was the wick and gusto too.